Pole Barn House: What is It and What Makes It Great


A pole barn house can be a convenient option to take when it comes to selecting the type of house to build. A house of this style is easy to work on and is affordable at best, making it possible for you avoid all of the concerns that typically come with traditional homes. A traditional house would take time to build—something which is a luxury you simply cannot afford these days. Permits and building codes add more burdens for you to think about. Eventually, you would resort to hiring professional builders to build the house for you—which is another luxury you may not be able to afford these days.

So, what exactly is a pole barn house? It all boils down to what a barn truly is. Farmers would often use a barn as an affordable site for them to store everything from the crops to equipment. This is the basis for such a house. What sets a pole barn home apart from a regular one is the fact that the former does not stand on a foundation. The framing of the house would consist of panels made of either aluminum or steel, all of which are held up by poles impaled right into the ground.

Application of concepts similar to pole barn househas been seen since the 30s. The major difference between the old application and the modern one lies on the posts or the poles. Today’s supporting poles are all treated with pressure and squared-off. These features make up the shell or the framing of the house. The interior can be styled in a way that is similar to the regular houses. As such, you can forget about having to worry about living in a house surrounded by walls that are largely constructed from metal.

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