Lebron James House and How it Projects the Athlete’s Wealth


A mansion in Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles is the next lebron james house. Up until he purchased the mansion in question, James has had two properties: One in Akron, Ohio and there is another one in LA. The $23 million mansion is a brand new one and sports a row of enviable amenities including a spa, a car gallery, a cigar room that comes with special air-filtration system, and a theater room complete with a humongous TV. One would think that since the celebrity athlete tries to give off impression that he is a frugal individual, this act contradicts that image; but hey, you get to spend when you have the cash, right?

This lebron james housecosts more than his first LA house, which sits at a solid $20 million mark. Previously, James owned a house in south Florida, which then he sold for more than $13 million. Some take James’s decision to purchase another home in LA as a sign that he is going to play in California soon. But regardless of what could happen, the newest home is certainly a sweet buy.

The lebron james houseis equipped with a custom chef’s kitchen. The kitchen is designed with a combo of marble and natural French oak on the floor, providing the occupant with a chance to cook in comfort. Still, with the size of wealth he is currently in possession of, it wouldn’t be a surprise if James chooses to hire a pro chef instead. The other parts of the house use hard oak for the flooring. There is an elevator to take anyone to a terrace at the rooftop. The mansion features eight bedrooms while the master suite is equipped with a large walk-in closet as well as a private patio. It also comes with 11 bathrooms.

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