John Travolta House is Basically an Airport


John Travolta is an actor who is also a certified private pilot. As such, it is no wonder that the john travolta house has two runways for his aircrafts—he currently owns five aircrafts. Since 2002, Travolta is an ambassador for a Qantas campaign and for this he gets to keep a Qantas Boeing 707 in his Florida home’s yard, located some 10 minutes flight away from Orlando. It is easy to take the house as being a modern home. But Travolta, as the owner, thinks that the house he shares with his wife sits more on the midcentury end of style.

It took two years to construct the john travolta house but the overall plan took roughly six years to complete. A great room within the house is defined by walls of curved window, overlooking the tarmac. A work by Alexander Calder from 1967 can be seen above the mantelpiece. Travolta design the floor motif for the entrance hall himself. One of the two plane pavilions houses a Gulfstream II jet. The house comes complete with a runway of 7,500 feet length. Travolta, however, decided to extend the taxiway so it reaches the house. What’s even more amazing is that the complex has its own private control center.

The john travolta house is located in the Jumbolair Aviation Estates, Ocala, Florida. It occupies a lot near the Greystone Airport. John Travolta and his family are thought to be the first occupant of a community that encompasses an area of 550 acres. This community was designed special for anyone who wishes to be able to get access to a fly-in and fly-out facility. As such, said community accommodates homeowners to park their planes in their house. This is what makes it possible for Travolta’s Boeing 707 to sit comfortably in the yard.

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