Donald Trump House is a Reflection of How Wealthy the Business Mogul Exactly is


You would be jealous of a donald trump house. More precisely, you would be jealous of his many houses. The wealthy billionaire currently owns seven residences. Formerly, he stayed in at least 6 different properties, including one where he spent his childhood in Queens, New York. The first property Trump owns is a mansion with six bedrooms in Beverly Hills, California. He rarely uses this mansion, though, opting for renting it out or putting it in the market in several occasions.

Perhaps the most notable donald trump houseis the Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. Technically a resort, the house was built by Marjorie Merriweather Post and home to the members-only Mar-a-Lago Club complete with hotel-style amenities such as spa and guest rooms. Trump purchased the property in 1985 and his first wife, Ivana Trump was tasked with running it. Trump often refers to and uses the resort as his Winter White House, which coincides with the original intention Post had in her mind before bequeathing the property to the National Park Service. The property is the second largest in Florida and the 20th in the states. When Trump becomes the POTUS, secure communication lines are established in the resort to connect with the White House and the Pentagon.

Seven Springs is another donald trump house worth mentioning. Located in Bedford and New Castle, New York, the mansion is equipped with sixty rooms (including twelve bathrooms and thirteen bedrooms) as well as a swimming pool of white marble located indoor. Other features that can be found in the property are a stone water tower, a greenhouse, a root cellar, a bowling alley, and a Tudor Revival house. Trump Parc is a condominium skyscraper of 38 stories at Central Park South. Trump Park Avenue is home to some of Trump’s apartments, one which is occupied by her daughter, Ivanka.

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