Tommy Hilfiger Size Guard (Women's)

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TH Size Guard (Women's)


XS : 32"-33"
S : 34"-35"
M : 36"-37"
L : 38".5-41"
XL : 42.5"-44"
XXL : 45.5"-47"


XS : 24.5"-25.5"
S : 26.5"-27.5"
M : 28.5"-29.5"
L : 31"-32.5"
XL : 34"-35.5"
XXL : 37"-38.5"


XS : 34.5"-35.5"
S : 36.5"-37.5"
M : 38.5"-39.5"
L : 41"-42.5"
XL : 44"-45.5"
XXL : 47"-48.5"


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Payments can be made to:

Roadziahana Binti Zakaria
1551 2701 6337

1. email me the proof of payment
2. Your full name, address and phone number
3. Stated payment of which items (include ITEMS NUMBER)
4. Email it to

It's better to write me all the details above every time you make payment.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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Starting today, if you have credit for contra, please use it within 3 months.

For refund, it only eligible:

1. For paid items that not in stock
2. For pre order and you paid and the item no longer available.

All purchase are final.

I will no longer accept anything longer than that. This is due to accounting and tax on my parts.

Thanks so much for your cooperation.



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Dear valued/respected customers,

Here how purchasing items from Ronasofia:

1. Browse available items

2. If interested, write in comment and ask to reserve the item (only if you're serious to buy). If you changed your mind, cancellation must be made within 24 hours. You can register as member for quick rsvn. Click here of how to become a member.

3. No cancellation of WISHLIST or RESTOCK ITEMS. If you wish to be out of wishlist, notify me ASAP.

4. Once you paid, I will ship the item, keep an eye of the date of shipment from US. I will start using this logo whenever it shipped from US:

5. Estimate delivery time around 2 to 3 weeks. It all depends of the kastam clearance. Once arrived, Rose will distribute via Pos Laju. Pay attention that I will put this logo when it ready to ship via Pos Laju:

Rose will update your Tracking number in the S&T blog.

For more info about Ronasofia, check the FAQ blog.

Thank you for your continued support :)

Toddlers - Babies Shoes Sizing

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Use this link to check the toddlers shoes sizing:


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Just a reminder, if in any case you put deposits for your items, it will not refundable. Also the length of time to reserved is all upon my discretion. I have the right to release the item if hold too long or if someone else willing to pay immediately.

You may use your deposit to purchase other items, but not cash refund. Thanks!

How To Purchase

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Once you have decided what to buy, leave a comment on the post of any specific item on the blog. Yes, as simple as that.


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I would like to clarify about special order request. Actually I am not really into accepting special order anymore, unless you’re familiar with all other charges.

That’s why sometimes you don’t receive my reply about your special order, why? Because 95% expecting, what you see in the internet, is what you pay. It is not. You have to remember, there are many other charges. I will explain below, and only if you’re willing to pay the other charges, then email me.

First of all, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I try to spend my time replying emails and checking and updating my blogs rather than surfing internet checking prices for order that I know 95% not going to happen.

Here the basic:

1. Check the website of what item you want.
2. Now you want something, you see the price

How the price works in US online shopping:

1. Basic price
2. Sales Tax
3. Shipping Cost to recipient (in this case to my location)
4. Shipping Cost to you in M’sia (USPS and also Pos Laju)
5. Custom tax (from 10 to 15%)
6. My handling and fees (like packaging, tapes, labor and such)

So, basically if you see the price of the items $30, that is not all YOU SEE. That is the reason why I don’t reply to many request because they are too general, and I know that from 10 requests, sometimes not even one willing to pay the extra charges.

Here the samples of calculation:

Let say the item price $30.00 (you may think $30 x 3.5 = RM105.00 [wow that’s cheap!]. Well it is not 

Why? Let me explain:

1. Item $30
2. Texas Sales Tax 8.5%
3. Shipping cost to my place (varies), sometimes free, which is rare, but let say $9.90
4. Shipping to M’sia, it is not cheap ladies. 1 kg costs me about RM40.00, basically one handbag can cost me RM69.00
5. Kastam Fee about 10% to 15%
6. Handling and Fee (yes, I do business, not free service, hehehe), I charge around $30 to $40, depends of what item. But that basic.

Basically for item of $30, it will cost you RM326.20. I hope with this explanation, you will understand why I don’t really accepting special order UNLESS you’re wiling to pay other charges.


Price (a) $30.00
Inbound Shipping (b) $9.90

TOTAL a and b $39.90
Sales Tax (8.25%) $3.29
Outbound Shipping $35.00
fees & handling $15.00

US $93.2 (x3.5, may change)
RM 326.2

Again, the price for shipping and handling varies by weight and size of items.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Estimate Delivery Time

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Basically this is how we estimate the delivery time frame:

1) Electronic notification of shipment from - Day 1
2) International dispatch (box gets on the plane) - +6
3) Box arrived Malaysia - +5
4) If cleared custom - +1 to 5 (depends on situations like weekend & public holiday)
5) If hold by custom - +4 to 6 (waiting for papers from customs to pick up box)
6) Orders updates, packing, deliver to you - +2 to 3
7) Parcel arrives at your doorstep - 1-2 days

Cleared custom - 16-21 days
Hold by custom - 19-23 days

Please take note that this is just an estimation of delivery time frame. It may vary depends on situations that beyond our control like weekend, public holiday, emergency (one of us got sick or anything) or custom clearance.

For any orders that meant for special ocassion like wedding, birthday or anniversary, please place your order 1-2 months earlier as we are not responsible for any late delivery.

Member Registration

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How to register:

1. Click Log In
2. Fill in necessary info
3. DO NOT FORGET to 'check' or 'tick' the top 3 boxes on top which are:

Validated email: Has this email address been validated (through confirmation email)?
Message form: Check this to allow receiving emails through a message form.
Notifications: Check this to receive a notification whenever someone else comments on one of your posts.

The validated email is important for you to confirm your email address to log in as member.

What is the benefit register as member?

1. You can send comment without to type 'the security code' which is annoying sometimes.
2. You get update on new posts in the Ronasofia, so you won't miss anything :)

You can change your profile anytime by clicking your name on the top right side of the website dropdown menu.

If you're a new member, please ensure to add my email address to your address book, so it will not go into spam folder.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Happy shopping and thanks!


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